If I were Dan Haren…

I really feel bad for Dan Haren today.  Don’t get me wrong I realize that’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes but I can’t help but wonder “if I were in his shoes would I be just a bit peeved with my teammates after last nights game?” I mean just a little? I’m sure he is grateful for a “W” just like the rest of us but how do handle that kind of frustration?  How do you have a pitcher with a 1.89 ERA, the best in the American League at the moment, and get results like he has?  His ERA is better than Josh Beckett’s and he is 7-0!  I wasn’t a huge fan of Haren’s last year, I have to admit.  Every time I saw that it was his turn in the rotation I’d get this sick feeling like I was gonna throw up in my mouth a little bit.  I have to give him some credit this year though.  He’s really surprised me and I’m thankful for him, especially in the wake of the injuries we have sustained (I thought I was going to cry when Swish started to limp!).  Speaking of the injury prone, where in the world is Rich Harden? I hate these new “medical waiver rules” ****! I want to know what is up with him and when he will come back?  …Although the pitching staff has done well without him-aside from Duchsherer aka Dookie.  I just don’t understand how we have a pitcher with a 1.89 ERA that’s 3-2 and a team capable of making 17 runs in 1 game but has like twelve 1-run games? I don’t know but if I were Dan Haren I don’t think I’d be a happy camper today.  I’d probably at least kick my dog…

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