How it all began…

I am one of the most passionate and loyal A’s fan.  Female sports fans are rare and passionate ones are precious stones.  I became an A’s fan back in the 80’s when my dad used to pull me out of school so I could watch Jose Conseco and Mark Magwire belt homers from the "cheap seats".  I have fond memories of riding BART with my dad to the collosium and waiting for autographs along the gate during warm up.  I was lucky enough to get Tony LaRussa and Ron Hassey to pass by an autograph my glove.  One day was particularly special to me.  It was in 1989, I missed school to catch a game with my dad and my 4th grade teacher who was on maternity leave was going to come and visit the class and I bring the new baby!!  Of course, ALL the girls were excited for that day and were planning a shower and making baby gifts.  I desperately wanted to be there!!   My dad asked me what I wanted to do.  He said there will be other games, he said I didn’t have to go…but It was an A’s game!!  As much as I loved baseball my dad always seemed to get days off when the Giants were in town and the A’s were away.  I chose the game. Jose Conseco hit 2 homers that night and I got his autograph after the game.  I remember it so well because he used MY pen to sign everyone’s memorabilia!! I was stoked and forgot all about missing the shower!! I spent a lot of time that year trying to remember stats for all my favorite teams, I wasn’t very good with that part, I still struggle in that area.  That was the year the A’s went on to the World Series against the Giants… and guess who won tickets in a hardware store drawing??!!!  I saw the sign for a drawing and ran up to inform my dad while he was busy searching for parts to our old Citation.  I begged my dad to enter and all he said was "why, we won’t win".  I filled it out anyway, I put his name on it because the rules were you had to be 18! I asked him to sign it and we left.  He picked me up from school one day and told me the news!  We won the contest!  We were going to watch the A’s play the Giants in the 1989 World Series! I started to tell all my friends and they were not so happy for me.  In fact, it was Cathy’s birthday party the day of game 1, the game we were to attend and I was invited.  The girls in the class reminded me about how I missed the shower and now I wanted to go to a silly game instead of going bowling for Cathy’s birthday, after all her parents were getting the bumpers for the gutters!  On game day I cried as I told my dad I had to go to the party or all the girls would tease me for choosing to go to a silly baseball game instead.  He understood and took me to my very first sleepover/bowling party.  The game was on at the bowling alley and Roseanne Barr was in the audience, sporting a Giant’s jacket albeit, but she was there!  I cried all night. I remember being in that earthquake a few days later, the scariest moment of my life.  I worried about 2 things…where was my dad and were all the Oakland A’s ok?  The A’s were also present the day my dad told me he lost his job and we had to move away from the Bay Area to a country town just hundreds of miles south of the bay.  I stared at the A’s emblem on his shirt crying while he told me I would have to leave my friends, my school and in my eyes I would have to leave my A’s.  How was he going to pick me up from school to catch a game 5 hours away and be home by bedtime?  We moved and I didn’t get to go to the games anymore until I was older.  I have my own daughter now and I have yet to take her to her first Major League Baseball game. She is 5 years old, the perfect age to start She currently really likes the Red Sox because of that movie Fever Pitch, but I assure you this will tip the scale to the favor of the Oakland A’s.  I have such fond memories in Oakland Collosium.  I can’t wait to share that experience with her, especially there, on that field.  The field I missed the biggest game of my childhood on.  I went to several games last season including the April 1st and 2nd exhibition games, Tim Salmon’s last game with the Angles which happen to be against the A’s.  I was the only one cheering when he walked away from the field with 299 homers!  I got a few looks, even my dad who was sitting next to me thought it was distasteful.  I still have my autographed glove, I keep it on top of my TV with an Oakland A’s toy bat and an old tattered baseball tucked inside it.  Ron Hassey’s autograph has faded and now Jose Conseco’s is barely visible but it’s there.  Tony LaRussa signed it in a permanent marker which is still visible.  I look at it everyday when I sit down to watch the news after work while I pet my three dogs Brody (he was already named when I got him so we threw in a middle name) “Zito”, Swisher and Magwire.  Yes, even my dogs have A’s player names.  Baseball isn’t just a sport for men.  Women can have a true love and passion for a team that is felt just as deep. 




    Welcome to the MLBlogosphere! Glad you joined and it was fun to read your introductory post. No, it is definitely not “just a sport for me.” A humongous chunk of a typical MLB crowd and our audience is female…no worries there. It stopped being dudeville a long time ago!

    Best wishes,


  2. Coral

    I’m an Angels fan. I had the… experience of meeting Jose Canseco at (ironically enough) a bowling alley a few years ago. I was the only person brave enough to approach him.

    Salmon was a great player, and there is no reason to not have wanted him to have 300 home runs, he has done so much for the community and is a genuinely outstanding human being.

    Coral, you are absolutely correct. However, as an A’s fan it is my job to boo all things related to the Angel’s… As I’m sure you boo the A’s. However, out of respect for Mr. Angel and what he has done in baseball, I stood everytime he came to bat and I would have respectfully clapped if he made his 300th homer that night. It was a close game but ultimately the A’s had already sealed the division by then so it really was more about supporting MY boys then dissing Tim Salmon.

    Hope you keep reading,


  3. Jennifer

    Welcome to MLBlogs. I am a returning MLBlogger and an addicted (or maybe I should say) Die Hard Athletics fan.


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